Classic Custom Motorcycles

Classic Custom Motorcycles

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Classic Custom Motorcycles

Classic Custom Motorcycles
Classic Custom Motorcycles

Many are fond of building with a selection of her favourite motor modifications to make appear different, very personal and represents the soul of its owner.

Talk about modifications and custom motorcycle culture actually is endless. Every year always visible trends of new modifications look tempting riveting. You are interested in including customizing the most cherished in the motor home? We recommend that you first learn about the diverse trends in the flow of custom motor modification.

Custom motor modification flow trend itself there are many kinds. Sometimes we are a little bit no problem differentiating the type and flow modification not least including the nature of the design flow is similar but actually different. Therefore before a modification would start the gede-gedean over motormu, it’s good to know first each flow modification to existing motor. Then choose which is most fitting for you.

Café racer
Café racer is the flow of motor with motor racing-style plan in the past. The most prominent characteristic is derived from these flows is an automatic clamp makes handlebar positions the Agency more looked down upon a time drive like motor racing. Another characteristic is the low seat, with the form of the back that curved backward and upward as the tail of the wasps. The design of the upholstery and the headlights are usually included. Very retro.

At first glance, the café racer had a form similar to the flow of the Scramble, the difference is the existence and type of tires that stang was used. Motor cafe racer handlebars wear underyoke or below the triangle (fork) that makes good-looking rather sedikut looked down as wear drive motors Scorpion racing. While the usual type of handlebars sharing scramble like motor sport in General.

For ban, Café racer does not have to use a dual purpose tyres such as flow Scramble, adequate use Classic tyres or tires sport.

Jap’s Style
Typical Jap’s Style is on the tank semi trail that resembles a Harley Davidson with a version of mininya. You can find out the type derives from a type joknya single seater made thinner and lower position comes from the tank. This bike wear Spring hanger handlebar, front and rear lights are small and the determination of a large and wide tyres, making it more stable and mantab kala used to drive.

Just like café racer, Jap’s type designed for use in the way is paved, being just a regular contour with tire wear, but with a larger tire size on the rear tire.
Not hard to figure out this one custom motorcycle. His trademark is very prominent, with the fork or front fork is very long, the diameter of the front tires are leaning larger stems from the rear tire, and form a high handlebar low seats. Due to the unique shape, you may need to frame (chassis) designed specific fork and its fit.

Motorcycle tire wear this flow with the contours of the ordinary, but that sets it apart is the size used on the two sides of the motor. The size of the rear wheels, and wide and too thin for the front wheels.

Motor characteristic flow is located on big-profile tires, good for rear or front tires. Bobber including the need to use a large machine, make it look so ‘ virile ‘. Bobber and Chopper have the same principle, i.e. to cut more than one part, but always maintained the standard chassis bobber. Tires used on the motor this flow is similar to the ones used on motorcycle chopper, the difference is not very used ring width compared to motor chopper.

Brat Style
The name Brat Style comes comes from a motor modifications in Saitama, Japan. Brat Style had the characteristic that sets it apart is derived from the other type of custom motorcycle, namely the large tank, large tires and tall with a classic, and also ornamental colors usually leaning flat and dark. This disposable flow composition between similar tires front and rear.

Scrambler Saturday
When you watch the motor with patterned or box trail tires, that’s motor custom Scrambler Saturday. With this trail tires, motorcycle custom Scramble is very suitable for semi off road and climbing up mountains. In addition, other features derived from the motor this is the exhaust is usually located on the side of the motor.

As explained earlier, these flows have a similar look with a stylish café racer motorcycle but with stang as normal as the motor sport. Because of the scramble was the motor that can be used on-road and off-road, motorcycle tire wear should be dual-purpose in order for the existing more maximum.

Flat tracker
Custom motor modification flow Flat Tracker have a characteristic appearance of the small tank and a tapered tail. Motor type is one of the motor with the flow of the retro, with a high tongkrongan and touted as a nimble and versatile motor can. This is because flat tracker actually is a nickname for motor racing at the arena in America that combines land and flat-track circuit. Hence,

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