Modification Of Car
Modification Of Car white

Modification Of Car white

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Modification Of Car white

Modification Of Car white
Modification Of Car white

Dust and dirt which attached to the car body exception was not immediately cleaned up, then exposed by light from the Sun most can trigger oxidation which can lead to damage of the layers of clear coat, so that the color of the car so dull and not glossy.

On a white car, a layer of clear coat can add most of the oxidized look familiar because of the experience the turn of color so yellowish.

For a white car that the yellowing, these tips memutihkannya step back from Professional Trainer Meguiar’s Indonesia Adetio Nasution.

First, the ritual wajibnya is cleaning up the whole car body to keep out any contaminants.

Second, apply a clay bar on the whole car body contaminated oxidation and yellowing to color grey hair back.

Auxiliary deployment clay bar along with certain treatments waxed the car squirt white Meguiar’s White like Wax.

“Meguiar’s White Wax is a liquid to a white car that had the influence of the clean up as well as keep the car body gloss, ” added Tio.

For maximal results can apply the polish to mengilapkan and waxed for protection on the paint that has been cleaned.

In addition, in order to stain the yellowing does not come back again, doing regular maintenance on the car body together correctly.

“When making car washing, preferably at the time the temperatures are too high and minimal exposure to sunlight

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