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Modifications Car dor

Modifications Car dor

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Modifications Car dor

Modifications Car dor
Modifications Car dor

Automotive lovers, especially men will too hope to have classmates Lamborghini cars. Yes, even in this solicitation will be realized 20 years again possible. Yes, the car prices reasonable aja ripped the wallet, not to mention the cost of gasoline and this treatment was.

There are many people who mengidam-idamkan the Lamborghini, then embossed creative inspiration to conjure his own personal car resembling a Lamborghini. Hmm, even if it does not change the form of its doors. As we know, almost all series have the Lamborghini door type scissors (scissors door). This is what triggers the Lamborghini is outrageously unique.

Then, how the modification of such Lamborghini scissor doors? This he tipsnya.

The Election Hinges
Hinge is driving towards the car. If engselnya just goes wrong, how can the process of opening a car door will be fine? There are two types of car hinges, i.e. universal hinge and the hinge bolt on.

Hinge bolt on. It is the simplest type of hinge. Installation is also outrageously easy, fair along with freeing the standard hinges, and then replace it together hinges door scissors. Workmanship hinge bolt on is also outrageously too quickly. Just have to kala 1 – 2 days, then the car is yours ready to be brought on the streets. The ease with which provided this type of hinge trigger price is also quite expensive. Once installation, you will be charged the cost of Rp 9 – 15 million
Universal hinges. Regular hinge is a type, but it can also trigger the door mobilmu is more classy. The advantage of this type of hinge is a relatively inexpensive price, i.e. Rp 4 – 5 million just for once the installation. While the weakness a hefty installation kala i.e. long, i.e. reaching 2 weeks
If You are Frank Burton Cheyne, also people better choose universal hinge installation Yes, considering it costs that much more expensive than not hinge bolt on installation.

Machining Process
Machining process on universal and bolt on hinge too much different. For this type of work, the process of universal fair pass welding process only. After that, live aja to await lasnya dries up. While the hinge bolt on cannot be used for all types of cars. That means only the special cars that can be plugged together with hinge bolt on. The time the work was also quite long, approximately 1 week. Kok lama banget? Because the hinge bolt on dibaut here and there must be, in order for extra precision is required in order for proper installation.

Pay Attention To The Section Of Mudguards With
Next i.e. capturing members of mudguards with (fender). Before installing the door scissors, measuring against the right side and the left door of the car must be done. The first thing that You must put your i.e. opening the door of the car. Then, looking at the maximum distance the door opened. kala

Before installation, make sure it is done right and left sides of the mudguards with similar to Yes. So that door next to none other than guntingmu. So the appearance of the mobilmu else too much like a real Lamborghini.

Change Of Habit
If the door mobilmu have adopted the door type scissors, follow the step of opening and closing the door. When closing the door might still be forever shared similar cars against the General. The most striking difference namely kala opened the door of the car. Where a car door opened a little bit first, after it was made.

Indeed, opening the door a little scissors type ribet, you who have not been so sure often perform error. But, gradually, you will also be so unusual to do so. One thing you must remember is to never open the door of the car too hard or driven too strong. This will trigger a door scissors yours broken due to engselnya a little sensitive.

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