Qld Car Modification Laws

Qld Car Modification Laws

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Qld Car Modification Laws

Qld Car Modification Laws
Qld Car Modification Laws

Light vehicle modifications
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This page provides information for controlled vehicles or vehicle modifier is hoping to revamp the easy vehicle (vehicle mass not more weight coming from 4.5 t) came from the original manufacturer specifications. Follow this requirement would assure that the vehicle You fullfill all the rules that apply in Queensland and the level of security is maintained.

To answer the questions most often asked questions regarding modifications to the vehicle, the Department s develop discusses a list of frequently asked questions and answers are here. Small modifications to the publication (PDF, 414 KB) accounting provides information about the most frequently implemented modifications.

Modifications to the vehicle easy load generally classified in 4 ways:

small changes
Basic modifications
modification under the code of practice
Modification of specific acupuncture.
Small changes
Many small changes to load was carried out without approval.

Generally, small changes involve the installation of accessories (e.g. long-term air, roof rack, Tow Bar etc) and provided the vehicle continues to be inadequate to the standard vehicle, do not require approval.

For light vehicles, further information about small change contains found in members of the 3.14 members National Code of practice for septi rays of vehicle construction and modification (NCOP).

Basic modifications
Basic modification is a change to the vehicle is more than minor modifications to the tagline, but not melalang tagline to expect formal agreement comes from a person who is approved or the Department of transport and main roads.

Basic technical requirements there are modifications in the NCOP. Everyone who do basic modification should be sufficient to convince them all the terms listed in the NCOP, and terms applicable to Australia design rules and standards of the vehicle.

Modification under the code of ethics
Complex modifications like the upgrade engine, gearbox and rear axle change, modify the body of the vehicle and the replacement steering wheel and brake modifications which are essential to the vehicle and seriously affect the security of the load the vehicle exception does not implemented together with the menu.

Complex modification of the vehicle must be certified by an approved people, providing modification s implemented fit together the approved code of practice.

The approved code of conduct based on the practice of engineering vehicles received and the terms Australia design rules for motor vehicle safety. This aims to complement the lessons derived from the original vehicle manufacturer in respect of the vehicle modification techniques or shared standards. This is the tagline to note that Australia design rules and the original manufacturer modification guidelines take precedence over the code of conduct.


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